War Of The Spark - Planeswalker-Deck - Gideon the Oathsworn - englisch

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Gideon, the Oathsworn never hesitates to throw himself between his allies and danger. Rally a massive Army, then vanquish your opponent with a single overwhelming attack.

Decks are Ready-to-Play and each one includes a war Of The spark booster pack with at least one Planeswalker card. Deck includes a foil Planeswalker card not found in War Of The spark booster packs.
Play face-to-face and digital with codes to unlock deck on Magic: The Gathering arena.

Name: Gideon the Oathsworn
Extension: War Of The Spark Planeswalker - Deck
Language: English
Game: Magic The Gathering
Recommended age: From about 13 years

Planeswalker decks familiarize players who are interested in magic with basic strategy, plus the game's setting, characters, and mechanics of the latest set. Each deck comes with a foil Planeswalker card not found anywhere else.